Day 1-

Budget: $5000

My Flight for Thailand from the Ft.lauderdale airport leaves on Tuesday the 7th of June. It’s a 26 hour flight and I’m only staying for about 4 days then leaving to visit my dad in Brazil, since I’ve got a small job there waiting for me. I’ll be spending one day in a plane….fun..right? NOT! I’m visiting Thailand because my grandfather lives their with my step-Grandmother, who’s pretty cool. Anyways back to the topic :)
This is pretty much my flight schedule I'll post. Flight from Miami to Thailand – $981.60!!
sadly, the cheapest flight I can find....
So I'm at the airport...with my luggage, its june 7th, Im waiting for my flight to be called, realizing that I'll be spending the first day pretty much on planes...soo exciting.................Ok on the plane, watching a few movies and playing random games,favorite part of plane rides, also
listening to music...ok so I randomly slipped in front of this really cute kid on the way to the bathroom...and then before that when we were all putting out carry on luggages and that same kid, probably like 18, tall, brown/blondish hair, green/blue eyes, warned me to watch my head...and bam..tried to play it cool, we had some conversations, and played games on the tv's, it was pretty fun, planes freak me out, funny since my dad's a pilot and all, shouldnt bother me, but it does so, I distract myself, lucky me I got window seat. :) Night for now.
Im at the New york airport got two hours to wait for my flight, and I bumped into a friend that just came in from miami airport....wierd, anyways. Oh flight came in early...woot, l8r. :p
Real quickie, just awoke on the flight from New york to Shanghai, 6 hours left its getting late, going back to sleep.
Finally last flight, had about a two hour wait and gonna be on the flight for another four hours, at least its the last flight,then Im there....soooo exhausting!
GUESS WHAT! 30 minutes till landing its almost midnight! So that was a great first day

Budget: $4108.40

Its midnight, spent my first day on a plane, Im really tired, My grandpa wolfgang and picking me up. My grandma's pretty cool but sometime's I dont understand her, they drive some type of van, and well.yea, They live probably about an hour or so away from the bangkok airport. I'm not sure how old my grandpa is but he has greyish hair, blue eyes, kind of as tall as me I think, he's nice, and well yea.. my Real grandmother died a year before or the yea I was born I dont remember so I've never met her, but my mother said she loved her like a mother and she was always nice and loved my mom Grandmother now I kind of forgot her name, but she has one son and one daughter, her son's name is Tom tom, and her daughters is mieo *sounds like Meow when you say it* it's not your average name but what, anyways my grandma has black hair, little shorter then me, her hair is somewhat curly, has a strong accent when speaking in german, because she's thai.
Ok, I'm waiting for my luggages so I can leave the airport and go sleep in a comfy bed, its a little chilly but pretty warm. Found them, only waited bout ten minutes so it's not that bad. We did the hugs and warming welcoming and my grandpa and his photography camera. We started walking out of the airport and the taxi's are all different colors, like pink, blue, yellow, etc...