Day 1-
My Flight for Thailand from the Ft.lauderdale airport leaves on Tuesday the 7th of June. It’s a 26 hour flight and I’m only staying for about 4 days then leaving to visit my dad in Brazil, since I’ve got a small job there waiting for me. I’ll be spending one day in a plane….fun..right? NOT! I’m visiting Thailand because my grandfather lives their with my step-Grandmother, who’s pretty cool. Anyways back to the topic :)
This is pretty much my flight schedule I'll post. Flight from Miami to Thailand – $981.60!!
sadly, the cheapest flight I can find....

Traveling to Bangkok

Tue 7-Jun-11

Fort Lauderdale (FLL)
Depart 11:40 am
Terminal 3

New York (JFK)
Arrive 2:40 pm

1,068 mi
(1,719 km)
Duration: 3hr 0mn

|| AA
Flight: 664

3Economy/Coach Class , Boeing 737-800

New York (JFK)
Depart 4:35 pm
Terminal 1

Shanghai (PVG)
Arrive 7:30 pm +1 day
Terminal 1

7,393 mi
(11,898 km)
Duration: 14hr 55mn

|| MU
Flight: 588

3Economy/Coach Class , AIRBUS INDUSTRIE A340-600

Wed 8-Jun-11

Shanghai (PVG)
Depart 9:40 pm
Terminal 1

Bangkok (BKK)
Arrive 12:55 am +1 day

1,798 mi
(2,894 km)
Duration: 4hr 15mn

|| MU
Flight: 547

So I'm at the airport...with my luggage, its june 7th, Im waiting for my flight to be called, realizing that I'll be spending the first day pretty much on planes...soo exciting.................Ok on the plane, watching a few movies and playing random games,favorite part of plane rides, also
listening to music...I randomly slipped in front of this really cute kid on the way to the bathroom, whats worse....he t

planes freak me out, funny since my dad's a pilot and all, shouldnt bother me, but it does so, I distract myself, lucky me I got window seat. :) Night for now.
Im at the New york airport got two hours to wait for my flight, and I bumped into a friend that just came in from miami airport....wierd, anyways. Oh flight came in early...woot, l8r. :p
Real quickie, just awoke on the flight from New york to Shanghai, 6 hours left its getting late, going back to sleep.
Finally last flight, had about a two hour wait and gonna be on the flight for another four hours, at least its the last flight,then Im there....soooo exhausting!
GUESS WHAT! 30 minutes till landing its almost midnight! So that was a great first day