Day 1 Budget
Today we spent $130 on taking a limousine to Miami international airport. We spent $ 2,257.40 on flight to Sao Paulo Brazil. We spent $30 on food. So we ended the day with $ 2,702.6.

Day 1 Map

external image airplane.jpg

Day 1 Adventure
Today we started our big trip. We packed our bags and eargerly awaited the arrival of our limousine. When the limousine arrived we put our bags in the trunk and started our journey towards the Miami International Airport. It was a 1 hour and 10 minute journey until our arrival. We checked in our baggage, went through security and boarded the plane. We flew to Sao Palulo Brazil on our 11 hour and 30 minutes flight.

Day 2 Budget
Today we spent $859 on our cruise tickets. We spent $20 on food. We spent $34 on a taxi.

Day 2 Map

external image Guarulhos.jpg
Day 2 Adventure
We arrived in Sao Paulo International Airport in Brazil. Tired from the flight we ate lunch at Mc Donalds. From Mc Donalds we took our taxi to the port in Santos Sao Paulo Brazil. At the port we checked in our baggage and boarded the ship. We enjoyed the rest of the day on the ship.

Day 3 Budget
Today we spent $401.64 on hanf gliding attractions. We spent $40 on lunch at the Santo Scenarium.
Day 3 Map

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Day 3 Adventure
Today we arrived in Rio De Janeiro. We booked hang gliding as today's adventure. We got a free pick up from the cruise ship to the attraction.
We spent 3 hours hang gliding which was very fun. After hang gliding we walked to a restaurant called Santos Scenarium and ate at modern Brazillian Restaurant. The music was fantastic and native to Brazil. They served us variety of sea food and meat dishes. After eating lunch we returned to ship.

Day 4 Budget
We spent $50 at the gift shop.

Day 4 Map

external image los-angeles-cruises-vision-of-the-seas-royal-caribbean.jpg
Day 4 Adventure
Today the cruise ship was sailing towards our next destination. This was a relaxing day with free fine dining and we spent most of our time relaxing on the pool deck. We went to a gift shop fof shopping.

Day 5 Budget
We spent $30.00 on food. We spent $50 in traditional custom made clothing. We spent $20 renting the surf boards

Day 5 Map

external image buzios_beach_joao_fernandinho.jpg
Day 5 Adventure
Today we arrived at Buzios, Brazil. We walked to a famous beach called Joao Fernandinho. We had a great time swimming on the beach. The waves were huge and we enjoyed surfing. For lunch we went to a local restaurant where we ate local dishes. We also bought custom made clothing.

Day 6 Budget
Today we spent $25 on food. We also spent $ 70 on buing shoes for hiking.

Day 6 Map

external image hiking1.jpg
Day 6 Adventure
On our last day of the cruise we stopped at Ilahabel, Brazil. It's a beautiful island and was discovered in 1502 by Americo Vespucio. The island was once an out post against pirates. At first we walked around and we were looking for a good activity to do. A local told us we should definitely go hiking. He said the hiking and the beaches made this island the tourist attraction it is today. We had to eat lunch before we went hiking and we also bought new shoes for hiking. When we went hiking we saw a beautiful forest with lucious green trees and a river bank. There were tons of displaced rocks to climb up. We got lost and kept going forward and we soon realized that it was 5:00pm and the ship was leaving in two hours. We eventually found the river bank and followed the stream back to Ilhabela. It was a fun day and we enjoyed the last day of our cruise.

Day 7 Budget
We spent $15 on food. We spent $40 on taxi. We spent $110 on a limousine

Day 7 Map

external image Ft%20Lauderdale%20Limousine.JPG
Day 7 Adventure
Today on the last day of our vacation we got of our cruise ship and took a taxi to the airport. We ate breakfast at the airport. Quickly boarded the plane and once again awaited our long flight back to Miami. When we arrived at the airport in Miami we hailed our limo and got in and road home in our luxiorious ride