I spent almost $800 on a plane ticket to London today... I've decided I hate airports. It's not fun going through things like Customs and having to go through all these security checkpoints. The flight took off at around 8 a.m. On the plane, I watched Avatar and Terminator Salvation... on my laptop, because the screens and earphones on planes are crap. With my laptop I decided to play some video games, but I got a cramp in my arms because there isn't much elbow room. The fat guy next to me was snoring. I spent the rest of my time doing nothing, and I was unable to sleep... I cheered when we landed, which was at around 6:15 p.m. Thankfully, London Heathrow is alot more inviting than Miami International, so I actually enjoyed some of it. I got some chocolate while I was there because I like English chocolate. I had to convert my Dollars into Pounds, but all the prices I will list on here will be in Dollars; it's simpler that way. I found a nice, four star, cheap hotel right across from Heathrow ($100.76 per night, two nights), so I didn't bother taking a taxi. I checked in, and went to my room. I dived onto the bed, but I didn't realise how soft it was, and I dissapeared into the mattress. I fell into a lovely aurora of rainbows and onto a bunch of MacBooks, getting up and looking around at the clouds that were full of buckets of cola and made of TV's and up was blue and gold and cat and- Then I woke up.

$798 on plane ticket
$100.76 for one night
$4 on a chocolate bar :D
END OF DAY: $4097.24

I woke up the next day feeling refreshed... only to realize it was 7:45 a.m. Yeah, o.k, thats really early for me, but my clock is not set to London time, so actually it was 12:45 p.m. By pure instinct I plugged in and opened my laptop. To my lovely suprise, there was WiFi. I checked my Gmail. Spam. I then logged into YouTube to check my supscriptions, nothing new. Then I realized I was hungry. I decided to walk to the nearest restauraunt... which was downstairs at a McDonalds. I ate a breakfast meal. Then I actaually decided to do something, so I paid $30 for a taxi ride to the London Eye. I went and bought a ticket for $27.88! Yay! Look at this stupendious photo I made So then I did stuff, you know, just walking around. So many people have and english accent around here, it's strange :\ So then I paid another $30 to go back to my hotel at around 6 p.m. I ate dinner, then loitered until I was tired then I went to bed.

$1.50 for a breakfast meal
$61 for the two taxi rides
$27.88 for the fare on the London Eye
another $100.76 for the greedy hotel
END OF DAY: $3906.10

I went to the airport today on a flight that cost $282.48. The airport was really busy. The flight was an early three hour flight on a boring airplane. While I was waiting (flight delayed, and I was early) I bought another chocolate bar and then decided to take a look at some of the stores there. Some of the things you can buy at the tech stores are really cool, but some are large, and if you're in a hurry to get on the plane when you buy something like that, where are you going to put it on the plane? Makes you wonder. I plugged in then opened my laptop for some quick lol's. Or, rather, some lengthy lol's, because the flight was so delayed. I waited a full three hours for the plane. When the flight landed I boarded the plane, finally. I hate planes. Those three hours (on the plane) were, I swear, the most boring hours of my life, hours I will never get back, hours spent on turbulance and a pretty bad seat that kept getting kicked. When we landed, I ran off the plane. The extra hour spent at the airport added to the Unrecoverable Boring Hours of Life. I took at taxi to a five-star hotel that was $131.99 per night. The cab driver saw that I was only a teen so the fare was free :D

I did cliff jumping.

I didn't go cliff jumping.

I swam to Thailand.

I teleported back to America.