Day 1 Events
Today, I booked a flight from Florida to Paris, France. I always wanted to go to France because I speak French. When I arrived in Paris, I rented a hotel room in the Hotel du Louvre. I decided to take a nap from the long exhausting hours that I spent on the plane. I woke up two hours later and I was starving. I found a taxi and asked the taxi driver to drive me to any good restaurant that he would recommend. The drive was only about 5 minutes long so I didn't have to pay the taxi driver as much as I thought I would. The Grand Vefour restaurant's food were hardly expensive but they were definitely worth the price. Since the ride was so short, I decided to walk back to the hotel and sleep until tomorrow.
Day 1 Budget
The flight from Florida to Paris costed $984.
The hotel room that I rented in the Hotel du Louvre costed $170.
Since the ride was so short to the restaurant, I only paid the taxi driver $14.
The Grand Vefour restaurant had many foods and I ended up spending $70 in that restaurant.
In total, today, I spent $1,238. I now have $3,762 remaining.
Day 1 Pictures & Maps
external image Hotel_du_louvre.jpg This is a picture of the hotel I stayed in.
To the left is a map of Paris, France
Day 2 Events
Today, I stayed in Paris the whole day. The first thing I did when I woke up was to explore France. I actually drove past the Eiffel Tower. After about 5 hours of walking throughout Paris, I was starving. I found a restaurant named Taillevent. The restaurant was close to where my hotel was so I decided to walk to the restaurant. I ate alot of different types of food there. For desert, I ate many sweet foods. For example, there was a food called 'Crepes' which was the sweetest thing I ever ate. When I was finished eating at the restaurant, I was too full to walk. I took a taxi back to watch all the different buildings in Paris, then I took a ride back to my hotel and slept until the next day.
Day 2 Budget
I had to pay another $170 since I stayed at the hotel for another day.
The restaurant named Taillevent had great foods and was cheaper than most restaurants in Paris. I paid $60 in total in the restaurant. When I took the taxi back to my hotel, the taxi driver charged me $40 because I decided to explore a little more of France before going back to my hotel.
Today, I spent a total of $270.
I have $3,492 remaining.
Day 2 Pictures & Maps

Taillevent - Hoche Friedland
Taillevent - Hoche Friedland
This is a picture of the Taillevent restaurant.
external image eiffel_tower2.jpgThis is a picture of the Eiffel Tower.
external image Crepe.jpgThis is a picture of the food named 'Crepes'.
 This is a map of the Taillevent restaurant.
Day 3 Events
 I liked Paris. But today, I decided to explore other countries around the world. The next place to visit on my list was London. I always wanted to visit London because all of my friends told me it was one of the best places on the planet to visit. Surprisingly, the cost of the flight was cheaper than I thought. When I arrived in London, I took a cab to the Ritzs London Hotel which was nearly a five-star hotel. Of all my visits, the hotels in London had to be the best ones I've been in. Even though it was really late, I wanted to buy a souvenir because I knew if I didn't buy one now, I would forget tomorrow since I'd be busy exploring London. There was a gift shop outside of the hotel and I buy a three T-shirts. Now I was back at my hotel and I realized that there wasn't much food during the plane ride and I was nearly starving. I ordered room service and bought a snack. Now, it was nearly 10p.m. so I decided to sleep until the next day.
Day 3 Budget
The cost of the flight from Paris to London was $221.
Each day I stayed in the hotel, it would cost me $214.
The cost of the cab ride from the plane to the hotel and the room service was $25.
The cost of the three T-shirt souvenirs cost me $45.
Today, I spent $505 in total.
I have $2,987 remaining.
Day 3 Pictures & Maps
external image the-ritz-hotel-london-default.jpgThis is a picture of the Ritz London hotel.

This is a map of the Ritz London hotel.

Day 4 Events
Today, I stayed in London for another day. The city of London was really bright and attracted many tourists. I nearly explored the whole city with a really nice taxi driver who told me all about London. I was surprised to find many things about London. Almost everybody in London is friendly. The taxi driver drove me back to my hotel after we saw the whole city. When I was back at my hotel, I realized I haven't hate for nearly 12 hours. I never realized how hungry I was until now. I was tired of taxi rides, so I decided to take a bus to The Ivy restaurant. The Ivy restaurant's staff members informed of the traditional pancake. They even have a Pancake Day! After I became full from eating so much food, I walked back to my hotel and slept until the next day.
Day 4 Budget
Of course, exploring a whole city wouldn't be cheap. The taxi ride cost $80.
When I ate at The Ivy, I paid $60 in total for the restaurant.
The bus ride to The Ivy cost me $20.
When I was back at my hotel, I had to pay another $214 for the day.
Today, I spent a total of $374.
I have $2,613 remaining.
Day 4 Pictures & Maps

This is a map of London.

 This is a map of where The Ivy hotel is located.

Day 5 Events
Today, I'm flying from London to Turkey. I wanted to go to Turkey because I was informed that they open a new hotel which was described as being one of the best in the whole country.
When I arrived in Turkey, I rented a room in the Almina hotel. I ordered a meal with the hotel's room service. It was nearly 10p.m. now because the flight arrived late in the begining. I slept in my hotel until the next day.
Day 5 Budget
The cost of the flight cost $431.
The hotel was the most expensive one I've been to so far. The hotel was $289 each day I stayed.
The meal I ordered with room service cost $45.
Today, I spent $765 in total.
I have $1848 remaining.
Day 5 Pictures & Maps
Almina Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
Almina Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey
This is a picture of the Almina hotel located in Istanbul.

This is a map of the Almina Hotel.

Day 6 Events
Today, I was staying in Turkey for another day. I agree that this was one of the best hotels that I've been to. The workers were extremely polite and helpful and the hotel itself was clean and comfortable. I decided not to go exploring or going to any fancy restaurants today because I was trying to book a flight since I was returning back to Florida tomorrow. In the morning, I ordered breakfast from room service. When I was going to order dinner, suddenly a man nearly tackled my door open and rushed inside my room, congratulating me. The man was a staff member of the hotel and said I was the "100th customer". This hotel was obviously new. My reward was $350 and a free dinner meal.
Day 6 Budget
Today, I spent another $289 on the Almina hotel for my room.
The breakfast I ordered from room service cost me $25.
Instead of losing money, I actually gained $36 today for being the 100th customer.
Today, I spent nothing. I gained $36.
I have $1884 remaining.
Day 6 Pictures & Maps
This is a map of Istanbul, Turkey.
Day 7 Events
Today was my last day of traveling to different countries. I would go back to my home in Florida today.
Day 7 Budget
Except for paying for my flight from Turkey to US, there was nothing else I paid for. The staff members in Turkey also gave me a free breakfast this morning so there was no need to buy food.
I spent $1,856 on the flight from Istanbul, Turkey to Florida, U.S.
Today, I spent $1,856 in total.
I have $28 remaining.
Day 7 Pictures & Maps
This is a map of Florida, USA.
external image 772-33.jpgThis is a picture of Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Day Balance Location Lodging Costs Food Costs Transporation Costs Misc. Costs Costs Spent Today|Remaining Balance
US to France
Paris to London
London to Turkey
Gained $350
Turkey to US