Day 1
On day 1 we traveled from Miami, Florida to Madrid, Spain which cost us $991.07. We also spent $25 dollars on food and $62.25 on lodging. We came here to spain to see how beutiful spain was and to just relax. Today we didn't we didnt have any daily adventures and we didn't spend any money on gas. Our total balance for today is $3,914.61.

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Day 2
On day 2 we went to the Retiro Park in Madrid. We rode boats and we took pictures around the park. We spent $25 dollars on food, $20 dollars on fuel, and we stayed at the Chic & Basic Atocha hotel which cost us $96 dollars. And at night we took a cheap plane to rome and spended $132 for both of us.
external image Retiro-Park-in-Madrid-spain-2798400-500-333.jpg

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Day 3
Today we arrived in rome and we spent the rest of the night at the at the Montecarlo Hotel. Later on the day we went to the coliseum tour which cost us $51 for both of us. It was pretty cool we got to take pictures of the coliseum inside of it and just to see some kind of roman architecture.

We spernt $25 dollars on the gift shop, $25 on the food and $30 on fuel.

external image the_coliseum_07_mid.jpg

Day 4
On day 4 we woke up took showers and headed of to the airport. The total cost of the tickets was $542 for both of us. We stayed at the Bedford & congress centre hotel for $89. For the rest of the day we took a tour to the Hop on & Hop off the bus Tour in Brussels.
Hop On & Hop Off Bus Tours in Brussels
Hop On & Hop Off Bus Tours in Brussels
We rode this really cool bus that was a double-decker bus, which means that the bus had two floors. We took pictures and had some fun. After that we headed to to our hotel.
external image volvo-hybrid-double-decker-bus-london1.jpg

Day 5
Today we we took a plane to Zakopnae, Poland. We decided to stay at the Hotel Orbis Giewont Zakopane . The hotel was pretty cheap and only cost us $45 dollars for both of us. We also spent $20 dollars on food, $60 dollars on gas and $72 on hiking which was the best part.
external image intense-skiing.jpg

Day 6
On day 6 we traveled to Moscow, Russia. We didn't have to spend money on food and hotel because we stayed at Pablos house with his parents.
After we arrived we headed off to eat some russian national food.
external image stock-photo-closeup-of-borsch-russian-national-red-soup-32172124.jpg

external image stock-photo-pancakes-with-red-and-black-roe-russian-national-food-15718399.jpg

Day 7
Today we had to head back to our home Florida. Our flight was $1248 and for a second we thought we were staying in russia. Today on our last day we washed our clothes and spent $30 on it. Today we also went out again to eat some more russian national food and spent $30. We sayd our goodbyes to pablos parents and we got in the plane back to Miami, florida. After we arrived my parents were waiting for me and we headed back to Delray Beach. We dropped off pablo at his house and i headed back my my house.external image 180px-Pelmeni.jpg