Day 1
I Started with 5000 dollars and my flight was 1650 for there and 1585 for back so i just arrived and i have a total of 1765 left to do whatever i want in the area.

external image buenos_aires_map.jpg

Day 2

on day two i stayed at my friend Paco's house rent free. He cooked me an amazing Argentinian tacos. i am having so much fun. Paco makes great tacos. i am going to a museum today and looking at some stuff. the entrance is 5 dollars and i bought a soda there so i have1698 dollars left. The museum was awesome. I got to see a lot of Argentinian art and culture. i had a lot of fun.
external image cabildo-museum-buenos-aires-arg101.jpgexternal image map_of_buenos-aires.jpgexternal image taco.jpg

Day 3
Today wasn't a very fun day at all. All me and paco did was chill out at his house, crack open a few bud lights and play tic tac toe. Oh and we had to do laundry because I was running out I clothes. For all the washes an all the dryers we payed a total of three dollars which is pretty cheap compared to what we pay in America( I think ). Paco is an amazing chef and I don't have to worry about paying for food when I'm at his house. I have 1695 dollars left to spend.
external image man-doing-laundry-thumb6881805.jpg

Day 4
Today me and Paco are going to Valentin Alsina, a city a few miles away from Buenos aires, to visit me and Paco's friend, Carlos. I payed carlos for the labor on his mule for taking us there which cost me 10 dollars. It's a great alternative to driving cars since it doesn't take gas and it eats simple things like fruits. At Carlos's house in Valentin Alsina, we went and explored his acres of farm land where he kept all of his chickens. We also took a dip into his backyard pool. We're staying here for the night because Paco's mule fell into a coma so hopefully it will wake up by tomorrow. We think it got into the liquor cabin
external image map-marker-on.png%7C-34.678831,-58.412874&format=png&mobile=false&sensor=false&language=ar&t=1external image Jesus_Riding_a_Mule_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_090706-204274-328009.jpgexternal image chickens-in-coop.jpg

Day 5
Yay ! the mule woke up. Apparently the mule was just drunk, and it woke up so we went back home today. after the last pay for 10 dollars and the way back to Paco's house, the cost was another 10 dollars. now we are down to 1975 dollars, so i have been on my vacation for a few days now, and i think its time to relax. so i'm going to go to the most high class spa they have in Argentina, for 1 hour, it costs 500 dollars for a massage. so we did that for two hours and then went home and slept the whole day . im down to 975 dollars.

external image male20full20body20massage.jpg

Day 6
This is the last full day of my vacation, and im mostly sadly crying because i have to leave this place that is soo wonderful. Paco helped me pack my bags and im saying bye to his mule. sad day

Day 7
today a flew back but had a crazy party on the plane because kanye west and obama were on it. we partied hard and spent the rest of my money. the end