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I arrieved at 4a.m. and I'm planing on going to the beach at around 12:00. Today I spend 26 dollars on food, spend 65 on clothes.
There was a surfing contest and I won 100 for beeing the fastest. I was envited to play volleyball, and made some friends.They envited me for dinner tomorrow, so tomorrow I won't have to pay for anything.
Since my friends invited me for dinner i didnt spend nothing on food except for the taxi which was 20 dollars.What I like about Brazil is that everyone im here is very kind and they're very friendly they talk to you like they would talk you as if they're talking to a long time friend.
I have $3,695 and tomorrow I would be going to Barcelona, Spain.
Eu estou indo Saudades Brazil !
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I spend 985 dollars on my trip to Spain I wont have to pay for the hotel becuase I'm staying in my grandparents house. I bought some food, for
my grandparents and spend 30 dollars in total. I went to a museum and spend 30 dollars and learn a lot about Spain and I borrowed my grandma's car and spend 34dollars on gas.Now I have $2640 dollars.

Day 4
I went to the beach today and my cousins and I played volleyball for like 4hours. We made a bet, my cousins and I against some other people we had to play for and hour and the the team that got the highest point won $309. Since I didn't want to loose my money I had to play clean and play like I had never played before. After that I went to the movies and spents $30 dollars in total. I have $3,301 dollars and now I have to get rerady becuase I'm heading to London. I'm going to miss Spain and their busy people and the great food they have here.

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Day 5
I spend $1073 on hotel+the flight ticket, I'm staying here for a day.Right now I'm in the hotel trying to draw a very pretty dress in one of my notebooks.I spend $36 dollars on taxi I have $2,192 dollars left. So I was walking and walked in a boutique and I saw so many fancy dresses, then I remembered I had my notebook in bag and i took it out and I standing there watching at my drawing and watching at the dresses at the same time. Then the owner of the boutique asked me if i had drew that dress and I responded yes proudly because I knew it was the best dress i had ever drawn before. She said that she needed to desing a dress for this season, and she was thrilled with my drawing
and said to me that she wanted to buy my drawing for $3,000 I accepted her money and gave her my drawing. It was a long day and I went to get some food I spend 20 on food and 20 on taxi, I have $5152 dollars. Their food isn't really that good I give it a 3 out of 5 so I decided to buy Mc Donalds. Tomorrow I'm going to Taj Mahal, India which is $2,693 dollars.

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external image images?q=tbn:Fo4i_Ce2CHIatM: external image images?q=tbn:euRrPr_ORc3q2M:external image images?q=tbn:Vv2qrYMKkbbv7M:external image images?q=tbn:ECNIevrymEo74M:external image khajurahotemple.jpgKhajuraho Temples

I spent $2,693 dollars on the trip and hotel I'm staying for one day I have $2459 dollars left and I'm going to spend it all in whatever I want.
I spent 25 on transportation and 26 on food and the is really good the places in here are very beautiful and I love how women here dress. They dress with long colorful dresses and they are very respectful to each other. I went to Khajuraho Temples and spent 35 dollars to get there and I thought it was a huge place.I learn a lot of the Indian culture and I'm so excited to go to Africa.

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