Day One
On May 11, 2011 I flew from Florida Hollywood Airport to San Jose, Costa Rica. I arrived mid morning in San Jose, and went to the hotel Arenal Springs Resort to drop my baggage off in my room. From there I went to the Arenal Volcano and saw the history there. I spent $109 travelling to Costa Rica, $135 on lodging fees, $28 on food, $6 on daily adventures and $8 on miscellaneous costs. After the volcano I returned back to the lodge to eat lunch. Then I went swimming in the beautiful ocean that borders Costa Rica and tanned on the beach. I then went into town to the gift shops and bought a tshirt displaying where i had been. Tomorrow i will go downtown to the shops of San Jose and buy souveniers for my family.

Day 2
Today is my second and last day in Costa Rica. I started the morning with breakfast at the resort and the headed into the town shops to buy some family gifts. I bought gifts for my mom, sister, grandma, dad and brother, for a total of $75. Then I took a taxi to the
zip line course in San Juan. Here i geared up to zip line one mile down through the vegetation and tall trees to the bottom of the course. This is where my miacellaneous expenses came into play. I was flying down the zip line and at the very end my harness broke and I fell onto the ending platform. Here i broke my arm and had to get stiches in my leg, hip, and cheek. This, along with the ambulance fee, cost a total of $717. I returned to the hotel after my hospital adventure at around 5pm. I ate dinner here with the local people and then proceeded to pack up my things and take a taxi to the airport. Today I have spent atotal of $153 on lodging, $45 on Food Costs, $198 on Transportation, $97 on daily adventure costs, and $717 on Miscellaneous costs.

Day 3
Last night i flew to Panama City, Panama. I checked into my new hotel so i have spent $137 on the daily Lodging fee cost. When I woke up this morning i recieved my Itinerary for the day from the hotel. I went to breakfast at the hotel and then set out for my days trip. I took a taxi into the center of town where i would meet my tour bus. We toureed the city stopping at shoppes and historical sites along the way and after 3 hours we stopped for lunch. The tour gropus were allowed to wonder around the city as long as we had our mapsd with us and were able to get back to the bus by 4:30.
When we arrived back on the bus at 4:30 we drove to the Panama Canal and boarded a boat that would take us through some of the canal. Here I took many pictures of the canal and what we went through in the boat.
After this part of my tour I returned back at the hotel to meet up with some of the people that I met on the boat for dinner. We went to dinner at the hoterl restaurant and then I went back to my room to catch some Z's.
My total costs for the day are as follows: $137 on lodging, $42 on food, $27 on the costs of tansportation, $37 and on my daily adventures.

Day 4
When I woke up this morning i packed my belongings and checked out of my hotel. Then i went to the town center to do some shopping before my flight leaves for Puerto Rico. I spent $30 on a few things for myself and my family. Then I took a taxi to the Panama Airport to Puerto Rico.
When I arrived in Puerto Rico it was around 1pm. I went to a local place i had heard of for lunch and had a very nice hispanic lunch. After I went to lunch, i walked down the street to my hotel. When I arrived at the hotel i wanted to relax, so i went by the pool to go for a swim and tan for a little while. I later went to the grocery store to buy a prepared meal for dinner and breakfast for the next day. I bought some chicken and rice with seasonal vegetables for dinner, and fruit and yogurt for the next morning. My totals for the day are $152 on Lodging, 30$ food, and $12 on Taxi Fare.

Day 5
This morning I ate the breakfast i had bought the night before at the supermarket. Then I went into town to do some shopping. I rented a bike so that travel with bags would be easier, and I could also get around faster. I bought a few souveniers for my family, and then a couple of keepskaes, and nice clothing for myself. When I was finished shopping I got a late luch at a stand near the Plaza I was at, and then headed back to my hotel so that I could pack up my things and head to the airport. I checked out of the hotel around 4:30pm and took a cab to the airport. I will arrive in Jamaica around 9pm. My days totals are as follows: $139 on lodging, $18 on Food, $182 on transportation, and $328 on shopping costs.

Day 6
Last night my plane was delayed leaving from Puerto Rico, and I did not leave until 8pm, therefore I arrived around 11pm. Now I am in Jamaica!! I was very tired this morning so i slept until around 11am. When I woke up i went down to the resorts breakfast buffet and ate. Then I went to do some sight seeing around Jamaica. I started off by renting a horse so that I could go through the tropical course on the beach without getting too tired to see all of the beautiful island views and vegetation. Then when i returned the horse, I was late so I was charged a late fee. I got a water taxi to take me to a local island so that I could swim with the dolphins and go scuba diving on the beach. They served lunch there around 4pm, and then i stayed until 8pm, using my waterlight to see under water in the cove. When I returned late at night it was around 10pm and I went striaght to bed, tired after my long day. When I was walking back to my room I slipped and fell since the stairs were wet from the rain and I rebroke my leg and my arm, when I was supposed to get the cast off tomorrow. hospitals in Jamaica are very expenseive, and the taxis take a long time so I had to take an ambulance, which is expensive as well. Totals for the day: $45 on food, $139 on lodging,$50 on transportation, $232 on my daily adventures, and $1427 on miscellaneous costs, for the late charge on the horse and injuries.

Day 7
Today I woke up in the hospital. After i finished checking out of the hospital i needed to go back to the hotel and check out. So i took a taxi back to the hotel and quickly packed my things to go home! I took a taxi back to the airport and then boarded my flight home. My totals for the day are as follwos: $0 on lodging, $22 on food, and $160 on transportation.
|| Days || Beginning Balance || Cost of Lodging || Food Costs || Cost of Transportation || Fuel Costs || Daily Adventure Costs (shopping, laundry, tours, etc) || Miscellaneous costs || Ending Balance || Total ||
$ 153.00
$ 28.00
$ 109.00

$ 6.00
$ 8.00

$ 304.00
$ 137.00
$ 45.00
$ 198.00

$ 97.00
$ 717.00

$ 137.00
$ 42.00
$ 27.00

$ 37.00

$ 243.00
$ 152.00
$ 38.00
$ 149.00

$ 12.00

$ 351.00
$ 139.00
$ 18.00
$ 182.00

$ 328.00

$ 667.00
$ 139.00
$ 45.00
$ 50.00

$ 232.00
$ 1,427.00


$ -
$ 22.00
$ 160.00

$ 182.00
$ 268.00
$ 857.00
$ 195.00
$ 627.00

$ 662.00
$ 2,152.00