Juan and Austin are going to Port-au-Prince, Haiti external image haiti64.jpgfor our first adventure, we are going to rent a car and sleep in it is $457.62 for the whole week and sleep in it so we can save money
Juan will be sleeping in the trunk, and Austin will be sleeping in the back seat. We are going to visiti four different places in Haiti first we are going to visit Petionville. Petionville is this upscale suburb of Port-au-Prince it is known for its quality restraunts and cultural institutions.

Day 1: Juan spent $5 on breakfast at mcdonalds, he bought a number 4 which is on bacon egg and cheese mcgriddle, Austin bought the same thing. Juan had an orange juice and Austin had

chocalate milk. Then we left and went to a few stores and look at the haitian culture. For lunch we

had subway Austin had a subway melt with a coke and Juan had a meatball marianna with a sprite. After lunch we went met a few people who

invited us to their home. We were at their house until 8 we had dinner at their house they were very nice people. That sums up day one of our

adventure in Haiti.

Capital of Haiti
Capital of Haiti

Day 3: On this day

Day 4: Juan and Austin are going to Milot, it is a city with many well known landmarks. They wake up eat breakfast at burger king then start day 4 of their adventure. We started our day at 10 am then we had breakfast and left for the landmarks at 12. We were visiting historic land marks all day then we went to dinner at our friend stevens house again. We stayed their until 9 then went back to the rental car and slept.

Day 5:

Day 6: On this day our friend steven drove us to a new part of haiti which is only 20 miles away, Bombardopolis haiti which is in the heart of Haiti and it's also very nice, but there is alot of violence going on due to politics and goverment action. We stopped off to get gas and a couple snacks, Gas - $50 Snacks - $2 honey, $10 soda, $5 haitin fried rice. After that we visited his mother and we left to go get some dinner with stevens family. and that concludes day 6