Day 1
We had a great time today, traveling on our flight. There were celebrities on our plane, and we got to meet them. Justin Timberlake sang me a song. When we got Venezuala, we bought mangos and explored the forest.We stayed at the Royal Fremont Hotel located on the 3rd street plaza next to the statue of Hernandez de Boligo. We then went to the waterfall, and stayed there for ahwile, and had dinner. We got back to the hotel, and crashed after the busy day.
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Day 2
On Day 2 we drove our car to Cali, Columbia. In Cali, we met Sir Juan de Paco, and he gave us free tacos from his taco shop called Paco's Tacos. They were the number Juan Tacos. We stayed at a four star resort called Balaka Shaka, and they had very nice rooms for barely any money. On the way back from Pacos Tacos we went fishing and caught many fish. We entered a tournament for fishing, and it costed $10 to enter. We won the first prize trophy, and finally went home and slept.

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Day 3
On the third day of our trip we leave Cali, Columbia and we take a plane all the way to Brazil. In Brazil we went to the capital which is Brizilia. In Brazilia we walked around and when we were walking we saw Ronaldhino from the Barcelona soccer team. We stayed in a hotel called Royal Brasilia. It was an amazing hotel, and we stayed in the penthouse sweet. It was on the thity-third floor, and had an amazing view of all of Brasilia. We hung out at the hotel a while, and then explored the local markets. We had a very exciting time at the market, and bought many souvenirs and more stuff for our trip! We had an awesome day, and at night, we went in the jacuzzi at our suite. We went to bed quite early, because we wanted to prepare for the next day.
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Day 4
We decided to stay in Brazil one more day because it was so awesome! Instead of going to a hotel, we rented an RV and camped in the forest for the night. We fished in the lake, and got food for dinner, and then we saw a bear, and it almost stole our dinner. We cooked the fish, and found some berries that we ate. At night, we went back into town and bought graham cracks, brazillian chocolate, and marshmellows. We went back to the forest, started a fire, because it was cold, and then we made smores. We told scary stories and stayed up all night.
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Day 5

On Day 5, we went to Argentina, from Brazil. We returned the RV before we left, and biked all the way to the car shop, because our car broke down on the way. The friendly car mechanic was so happy because he hadn't had a customer in a while, that he didn't charge us anything, because he just enjoyed our presence. His wife was very friendly to us also, because she made us lunch and they had great hospitality torwards us. She made us two chicken quesedillas, and they were fantastic. We then continued on too Argentina, and hiked up the great mountain in Argentina called Cerro Aconcagua. We then continued on our exploration of Argentina, by camping at one of the local campsites on Cerro Aconcagua. The villiagers were very nice to us, and gave us food and water, and they also rovided a shelter, and warm clothes for almost nothing.
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Day 6

On Day 6, we got a very late start to Paraguay because we had such a busy day at Argentina, that we lost track of time, and stayed up til two P.M. We decided not to spend too much time there, and instead, we stopped in a local market, bought some souevenirs and continued on back to Venezuala. We had such a busy trip, that we decided to just rest. We went to a local mud spa, and relaxed there for the day. It was like heavon on earth, and we enjoyed it alot. We then slept at the Royal Fremont Hotel that we stayed at on the first night, and we had dinner with a good friend of ours, Paco de Juan. We stayed up really late, and had a great time, and got ready for the airport tomorrow.
spa vacation, resort spa, health spa resort
spa vacation, resort spa, health spa resort

Day 7
We woke up really early to go to the airport, and we were really tired. At the airport, we had the best hot dogs ever, and they were homemade by a pig farm located near the airport. On the plane, we slept the whole ride home, and woke up just as it was landing back in Florida. We had a great trip to South America, and want to go back home soon, but we enjoy being at our home sweet home. We recommend traveling to South America, and exploring the country, because we had a fantastic time!!external image 814679132_f68f0816a4.jpgexternal image hot%20dog.jpg